6 reasons to prefer natural beauty products.

We are constantly told that “natural is better”. Okay, but why exactly? Sensitive or delicate skin, dry skin, oily skin, do not eat more products with questionable composition! We give you our good reasons to give in to the temptation of organic and / or natural beauty products.

First of all, what is natural cosmetics?

Natural cosmetics are products that incorporate at least 95% ingredients with natural origins. Besides, very often, these include certified organic active ingredients.


Whether in terms of the choice of formulas, natural ingredients, the manufacturing process or even safety of use, natural cosmetic brands must respect a strict charter of commitments. Some brands have even chosen to impose ” never lists “, include a list of prohibited ingredients in the formulation of their products.
They prefer to turn to natural active ingredients with many properties for the skin, such as olive oil, honey, shea, or even fruit.

1. Because they are good for my skin and my hair

We know that if there is a good reason to prefer products of natural origin, it is obviously for their formulation. True concentrates of benefits, they contain exclusively ingredients that are good for the skin.

No need to add chemicals and endocrine disruptors, just don’t keep your product too long, since it contains fewer preservatives by definition.

2. Because it’s good for my health

Our skin absorbs everything we give it, so it’s best to limit the penetration of harmful products into the body. Paraben for example, a preservative used in many non-organic cosmetics, is considered to be potentially at the origin of certain breast cancers. A large amount of the active ingredients in products of natural origin have the advantage of not being toxic. Another good point …


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