6 foods we thought were good for better health.

Some foods have an excellent reputation, wrongly! We enjoy it, thinking of doing good, imagining that we are going to lose weight, we look at the calories, we tell ourselves that we must manage fibers, good fats … and we fall into the trap! Zoom on the false friends of the person who intends to eat more diet.

The smoothie, healthy fake friend.

What you think: The smoothie is good for me since it is fresh fruit. And since you have to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day, that already gives me four fruits!

The truth: Even though the smoothie contains fruit with its pulp, it is nothing more than a sweet drink (read our article on recommendations for eating better)! In addition, when you taste a fresh fruit, you bite into an apple, taste an orange, but in no case do you eat three oranges with a banana and a handful of strawberries! Consider adding fructose, the sugar from fruit …
The good compromise is to make a smoothie based on unsweetened green tea, not milk or ice, and mix only one fruit with at least a vegetable.

The rice cake, the nibbling trap

What you think : The rice cake is very light, sugar-free and only has 35 calories. It’s my favorite snack alibi.

The truth: The rice cake, composed of puffed rice, has a high glycemic index of 85 (above 50, we consider the high GI). This means that it causes sugar to pass through the blood quickly, causing an insulin spike.
The GI of foods differs according to their preparation and you should know that, like all puffed (dry) cereals, rice sees its GI increase in the form of pancakes.
To limit the damage, if we really love it, we eat it with a slice of ham or plain soy yogurt, to combine it with a food that will lower this peak blood sugar.

Almonds, a concern for quantity.

What you think : almonds are good for my health, I eat them and I don’t get fat!

The truth: Yes almonds provide excellent health nutrients. They provide fiber, vegetable proteins, antioxidants and above all very high quality fatty acids. But in fatty acids, there is “fat”! Almonds remain fairly caloric foods and in order not to eat a daily growing portion, we limit ourselves to 30g of almonds (maximum and if we do not eat any other oil seeds during the day), at breakfast or as a snack with a plain yogurt or a low-calorie fresh fruit.
We will of course choose simple almonds, without salt and not roasted so as not to see their altered nutrients.

Sodas without sugar, but still sweet

What you think : When I drink a can of cola, I choose it in its sugar-free version, so no calories, so no extra pounds.

The truth is not as simplistic as that! First of all because we are used to the sweet flavor, which does not earn us any good. In addition, the sweeteners used in the composition of said sodas have been the subject of various studies, the conclusions of which are final: worries about blood sugar, diabetes, and even increased heart risks *.
So we reserve them for exceptional meals and we drink water for everyday life!

Granola, not so friendly cereal

What you think: Granola contains cereals like oatmeal, it’s full of fiber, and I eat it organic, it can only do good!

The truth: To make granola, you certainly need cereals such as oat flakes (otherwise quite good for health), to which sugar or honey and fat are added to agglomerate the pieces under the effect of the heat. Balance sheet, we eat cereals which are already sources of carbohydrates – understand the new name for carbohydrates – with sugar (sugar = carbohydrates) and fat. In addition, roasting alters the nutrients that cereals can provide.
Balance sheet, a gourmet but not really healthy combo!
A good oatmeal porridge or muesli with no added sugar, but with fruit pieces for the sweet taste, will do.

The vegetarian dish is necessarily healthy

What you think: By making a meal without meat, I necessarily eat less rich, so it’s better for the line!

The truth: At the supermarket, have fun looking at the labels! You will see that this veggie steak contains ingredients that 1) are not healthy; 2) provide just as many calories as meat, even display a higher GI.
As for eating meatless salad in order to slim down, you may lose weight …, but it is mainly that of the dry mass (muscle) that you will lose. And the proteins that meat provides help preserve this muscle mass.
So, unless you are vegetarian, you do not zap the meat to lose weight, and you choose it lean (poultry, veal cutlet without cream, cooked ham, bresaola …).

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