50 Naughty Questions To Ask To Get You Both Excite

Questions that will wake up your libido and warm up the mood


Don’t let your couple’s spark go out. Maintain your intimacy because, after all, sexuality has an important role in a romantic relationship. Indeed, if you do not have sex or if your sex life is not satisfactory, your relationships will suffer.

You will distance yourself from each other and arguments will begin to emerge. Each subject or little hassle will become an excuse to search for trouble. For this reason, it is important to cultivate sexual attraction and tension between you.

You do not know how ? Do not worry ! We’re here to help you. We have prepared a list of 50 naughty questions to ask your partner to wake up your libido, heat the atmosphere and create an atmosphere of physical proximity.


Naughty questions to ask by SMS

50 Naughty Questions To Ask To Get You Both Excited

You are at work or traveling but you want to keep the flame alive. You do not want your partner to forget you or think that he (she) holds a second place in your life. You want to be sure to prepare the ground for your return home.

These questions will allow you to create a sulphurous atmosphere, even from a distance. You will be able to excite your partner to such an extent that he (she) will await your return impatiently. We guarantee that your loved one will jump into your arms as soon as you walk through the door.

So tickle his senses by asking him the following questions by messages, or more commonly known as sextos:

1. Do you like hugs?

2. Do you like to cuddle alone?

3. Have you ever, by accident, watched a couple having sex?

4. Have you ever slept with someone without knowing why?

5. What do you watch first in the other person?

6. When you undress someone, what is the first thing you take off?

7. What excites you about the other person?

8. What is your secret to excite your partner?

9. Where do you prefer to be petted?

10. Do massages turn you on?

11. What makes you reach the 7th heaven?

12. Are you rather sweet or wild in bed?

13. What is your biggest fantasy?

14. What is the most unusual place where you have sex?

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