5 Tips To Stop Behaving Like A “Nice Boy”

The nice boy, I like him. He is hesitant, steeped in contradiction. He respects women so much that it becomes disabling. He is not even a feminist, more often than not he is castrated.
Women must be respected, of course, but no more and no less than a man. The nice guy often comes to see me ask me how I “chat” a girl, asks me miracle recipes to become a charismatic guy, to have self-confidence, to become an alpha.
And there, unfortunately, I have to admit to him that there are no miracle recipes.
On the other hand, there are solutions to finally assert oneself and “cure” this syndrome.
Here they are…

Know how to say No

Knowing how to say no is proof of maturity. The nice boy does not want to get angry, does not want to upset his girlfriend, his mother, his friends, his colleagues. Saying no is for him a sign of wickedness.
Yet saying no is what we don’t do enough.
Be careful, I’m not asking you to say no without reason. You must say no if it does not serve your interests. You have to be able to enforce your boundaries.
To avoid falling into the Friend Zone, learn not to listen to your “friend” anymore. Do you want to get your ex back? Stop listening to him talk to you about his new guys. Learn to say no!

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