5 steps to follow to properly apply your highlighter.

The highlighter is THE essential cosmetic product of the moment. It has the ability to give a “good-looking” and ultra-glamorous effect to the face. But for this, it is still necessary to know how to apply it. Here are 5 steps to follow for a delicately glowy face.

Choosing the right highlighter

Like a foundation , the highlighter tests itself before buying. Too often, what you see from the product does not match the result on your skin. So do not hesitate to swat the highlighter on a hydrated area of ​​your hand or arm for optimal rendering . A good highlighter should not be too powdery , but rather creamy . Enough to glide on your skin without leaving a powder residue, and pigmented enough for the color to be constant, without leaving uneven marks.

Choosing the right highlighter also means choosing the rightshade. For that, refer to thecolorand theundertoneof your skin. If your complexion is clear with a golden undertone, opt for a light / golden highlighter. However, avoid pink or just dark shades (even if it is a gold). Conversely, if your complexion is tanned, preferwarm toneslike copper.

How to apply it correctly?

There are three ways to apply the highlighter.

  • With a brush. It is the best known technique for applying your illuminator. For this, use a special “highlighter” brush provided and rounded , or a fan brush. The latter makes it possible to apply the product to a defined and truly precise area .

With a sponge. For a wet, powerful effect, but nevertheless, melted on the skin . This technique allows the highlighter to melt into the foundation. Using a sponge (moistened beforehand), apply your highlighter powder or cream to the desired areas. On contact with water, the product appears more intense.



  • On the fingers. We don’t think about it enough, but sometimes our fingers are our best makeup tools; and especially when it comes to applying your highlighter cream. Heat a small amount of product on the back of your hand, take it with your fingers and pat your face with your fingertips. Guaranteed natural result!

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