5 signs that you have bedbugs at home

Although bedbugs do not transmit infectious diseases, they can still be a nuisance and even cause certain health problems. Whether it’s physical reactions, like a rash or allergy, or psychological effects, like anxiety, stress, and insomnia, these reasons are more than enough for these little beasts to be insects. junk in your house.

Boredyawn wants to help you detect the presence of bedbugs before it becomes too large, which will be easier to deal with. Here are some clues to take into account!



1. Itchy red spots

5 signs that you have bedbugs at home

If you have skin irritation or notice itchy red marks on your face, arms, legs, chest or back, this may be a sign that you have bed bugs. These are the bites that can ignite afterwards, and scratching them can lead to bleeding and infection.

To verify that these are bed bugs and not other insects, look at the bite pattern. They are often found in groups, in straight lines and in zigzags. However, some people may not have a physical reaction to these insects, so they will not have red or itchy spots.



2. Blood or rust stains

5 signs that you have bedbugs at home

Check for red spots on your bed or clothes. If you crush an insect during or after it has eaten, it will leave a blood stain. You may also find rust spots. These are the feces of bedbugs.

You can find this on your sheets, as well as in places that are more difficult to access, such as mattress seams, box springs and wooden frames. Also take a look at your walls and under the wallpaper, as bedbugs can also leave feces.


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