4 Ways to Take Care of the Eye Area

Eye creams hydrate the skin of the eyes in addition to reducing dark circles and wrinkles, but more needs to be done. Discover 4 ways to take care of the eye area for a sparkling look.


1. Clean and cream.

Before applying a cream, clean the eye area thoroughly, preferably with a cotton pad moistened with an herbal lotion.

  • Avoid rubbing to penetrate the treatment: spread it with your fingertips, in small touches; under the eye, always proceed from the outside to the inside.
  • There are a lot of herbal eye creams available in pharmacies. They often contain eyebright, calendula, aloe vera or oils – wheat germ, avocado, macadamia nuts …
  • Vegetable oils – sweet almond, apricot kernel, jojoba or coconut – have softening and hydrating properties. Drop a few drops directly on this sensitive area, or soak a gauze or cotton pad to make a compress to apply on closed eyelids and around the eyes.
  • Make your perfumed and hydrating eye cream by mixing 100ml (½ cup) of avocado oil and 3 drops of rose essential oil.

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