4 Simple Steps To Grow 45 kg of Potatoes in a Barrel!

Gardening without a garden, using just a container, is not just for people who have limited space, as is the case in the city.

It can also be useful when you want to be more efficient, thanks to a more easily controlled environment. Growing potatoes in a barrel has several advantages: This reduces the amount of weeding, decreases exposure to pests and fungi.

In addition, you do not risk damaging the potatoes by digging the earth with a shovel to pick them up. Why ? Because you just have to turn the barrel! After doing extensive research to grow my potatoes in a barrel myself, here are my recommendations in just 4 steps for a successful harvest:

1. Choose and prepare a container

You will have to choose a container such as a 200-liter trash can or one of these half-barrels in the photo. Another alternative is to use any container that has this type of volume. The only condition is that the container already has holes or that you can make them in it.

Next, you will need to clean the container with a bleach solution, to remove any dirt that has lodged in it. For those who do not want to use bleach (like me, for example!), I advise you to use a natural alternative to bleach. Good drainage is essential to keep the potatoes healthy. It is for this reason that you will have to drill a series of large holes on the lower sides and in the bottom of your container.

Another solution is to cut the bottom of the container entirely and place the container on a well-drained surface, such as your garden soil.

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