24 Do-It-Yourself Beauty Tips

Do you like beauty and DIY? So combine the two by making your own beauty products using ultra-easy recipes with natural ingredients. No more excuses thanks to the selection of tutorials that we have selected for you. 

Trend: Make Your Own Cosmetics

More and more brands are offering organic cosmetics and we are seeing tutorials develop to make your own cosmetics. With just a few ingredients and the necessary explanations it is possible to make all of your beauty essentials yourself. Get started without fear using DIY beauty boxes grouping all the equipment. 

3 Reasons To Make Your Own Cosmetics

  • It’s ecological since you only use natural ingredients and your products will be guaranteed not to be tested on animals.
  • It’s economical . For example, with just an avocado, olive oil, honey and an egg, you can make a hydrating mask to enhance your hair. You will save a lot of money.
  • It’s a pleasure. We can never say it enough: creating things with your hands is real therapy .This allows you to relax, forget your worries and develop self-esteem.  Getting started in the making of your beauty products is therefore the ideal opportunity to start a healthy and useful activity since you will thus fill your cupboard with products made by yourself: bath salts , face mask, lip balm , toothpaste, body scrub, makeup remover.

Discover here the best recipes found on beauty blogs to make your own cosmetics.

1.Do-It-Yourself Cosmetic Recipe: A Mattifying Powder

No more shining forehead with this homemade mattifying powder.Find Here


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