25 Valentine’s Day Decorations and Gifts So Pretty That You Will Want To Leave Them All Year Round!

The Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it is the event perfect for giving a touch of love to your decor!

Even if this party may seem commercial to some, it remains an ideal opportunity to spend time with family, friends or loved one. In addition, DIY is the perfect solution to revisit your decor and set the tone for your evening without breaking the bank!

Are you up for it? Here are 25 Valentine’s Day decor and gift ideas Which will make you rediscover the celebration of love!

1. Hand-Painted Tablecloth

Whether for a date alone or for a girls’ dinner, this painted tablecloth will be the perfect backdrop for your table!

To make it , you just have to get a simple white tablecloth (or use one that you already have) and paint a few “X” and “O” randomly. Simple and so chic!

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