20 DIY Foods To Save Money

Do you want to cook more and prepare more homemade dishes ? Excellent initiative: you will eat better and save at the same time. Here are 20 do-it-yourself food ideas to save money . 

With our busy lives, it may not be realistic to make ALL of these dishes yourself, ALL the time! But if you already adopt some of these ideas full-time and add a few more to your repertoire to do them when the opportunity arises, it will still be fantastic. 

1. Broth

Do this when you have leftover chicken; it is then practically free. In addition to costing nothing, making a broth allows you to recover food and avoid waste. Keep the bones and leftover chicken cooked, and to flavor your broth, keep in a large airtight bag in the freezer your trimmings and vegetable peels as you go. You will have all the ingredients at your fingertips to prepare a tasty broth.

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