20+ Animals so big they look unreal.

We all know that animals can be of different sizes, and it’s no secret that a cow is bigger than a dog. But what would you think if you saw a beetle the size of your hand, a jellyfish as large as a human or a rabbit larger than a medium-sized dog? Mother Nature has not finished surprising us, and meeting these giant beings should make us reflect on our way of seeing the world.

At Bored Yawn, we decided to share these photos with you, because these animals are so big that they made us cry: “Wow!”

1. Have you ever imagined that frogs could be this big? This one is really huge.




2. Here is a rabbit as big as an average dog. The tallest in history was 1.20m tall!




3. This rhino beetle is incredibly big!

4. Giant starfish in Antarctica

5. Certain breeds of cows are much larger than humans!




6. The Nomura jellyfish, or giant jellyfish, is one of the largest in the world. It can grow to the size of an average man!

7. The coconut crab is the largest terrestrial crustacean in the world!

8. This is Freddy, the largest dog in the world. He recently received his title from the Guinness Book of Records

9. These beetles are found in South America, they can measure up to 16.56 centimeters long!

10. This is Brutus, a 5.5 meter long crocodile, about 80 years old. This huge animal was first seen in 2011

11. Percheron horses are famous for their incredible size. This example is a faithful representation of the strength, the pace and the beauty of the animal. You do not find ?

12. This man was lucky to meet a giant salamander.




13. This flying fox from the Philippines is incredibly large!

14. Would you believe your eyes if you encountered this giant cricket?

15. Here is the Japanese spider crab, with the longest legs in the world!

16. Manta rays from freshwater can be really huge!

17. Here is a giant Amazonian centipede. It’s pretty scary, right?

19. This eagle is really impressive!

20. Have you ever seen such a large seal?

21. Here is the Atlas moth, one of the largest butterflies on our planet!

Which of these animals surprised you the most? Have you ever seen such large and large species? If you have similar photos, don’t hesitate to share them with us, and leave your comments below!

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