Let me guess: You’re here because you want to be that oh so cute girlfriend and send your long-distance boyfriend a gift that shows just how much you love him (and how good of a catch he’s got;)? Well, girl, you’re in the right place.
Long-distance relationships are hard enough and sometimes just a little surprise package here and there can show your boyfriend how much you’re thinking of him even when you are hundreds of miles away from each other.

My boyfriend goes to school eight hours away from me and it is the WORST! Even though we are so far from each other I like to let him know that I am still thinking about him and will randomly send him packages in the mail.
No, they’re not expensive at all or have anything of ”value” in them BUT they do show that I put effort into thinking about him.

And honestly, it does make his week having something randomly show up in the mail when he’s not expecting it!
Here are 19 inexpensive DIY gifts for long-distance boyfriend that show you care.


1.Sense Boxes

These would be a great way to wrap up some small things that will get him excited to see you next.
You could make it of your favorite things together if you’re looking to spice it up, you could make it naughty (haha, felt so weird typing that!!).

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