17 Bizarre Photos that seem Fake But are REAL

You should never judge at first glance, the proof with these photos. You will need a lot of concentration to realize that these pictures exist and that they simply reveal a natural phenomenon, a work of art or an optical illusion.

Always be vigilant when looking at images, because you can easily be fooled if you are not on your guard. The brain tends to take the easiest solution whereas if we make it work a little, it will allow us to go further than what we are given to see at first, and thus to access another vision of things, much closer to reality.

Take a good look at these 17 strange photos, they are in fact windows of our earthly reality, there is nothing paranormal or photo retouching, everything is true.


1# This boat seems to float and yet, it is simply its reflection in ultra-clear water


2# A beautiful optical illusion in an Australian underground car park





3# Magnificent fall of books spouting from a window made by the artist Alicia Martin, in Madrid



4# Magnificent optical illusion realized by the artist Felice Varini     



5# No, this is not a UFO, but simply a lenticular cloud


6# The size of these trees is just perfectly straight, which looks completely unreal.



7# These Chinese fishermen are on Lake Chaohu, filled with algae. One has the impression that they move on a painting




8# These mysterious trees in Hungary are actually the unfortunate victims of toxic waste dumping



9# This ferry on the hill is a tourist hotel located in South Korea



10# This forest of 400 twisted trees does exist and is found in Pomerania (province located in Germany and Poland)




11# This grass sphere, created by artist François Abelanet for the city of Paris, is actually completely flat. Superb optical illusion




12# This hotel room in Marseille has been “half” decorated by the French artist Tilt




13# This huge hole appeared in Guatemala in 2010 after the arrival of the storm Agatha. It is 60 meters deep and 18 meters wide





14# This impressive sandstorm in Australia is very real




15# This man seems to be walking on water, but in reality, he is walking on giant salt marshes in Bolivia




16# This strange impression is in fact a giant canvas placed above a building under construction




17# Made by the New Zealand sculptor Neil Dawson, this work of art is a perfect optical illusion: one has the impression that this giant sheet of paper is about to fly away





























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