16 people Who Managed To Buy Something Exceptional With Their Change

Looks like finding something really precious in a second-hand store is like looking for a needle in a haystack. In this quest for the Grail, it is important to be persistent, but also to have flair and a little luck. And we’re going to prove to you that these discoveries are not that rare.

At Boredyawn , we were stunned by all the treasures it is possible to acquire for three times nothing in second-hand stores. We would like to present you the loot of the lucky guys who luck has smiled on.



1. “I bought this ring for less than 5 €. It was marked gold plated . But it turned out that the flat hallmark means that it is platinum. And the stones are
diamonds and an aquamarine. Marine.”

16 people who managed to buy something exceptional with their change

2. “I found this bowl at 4 €. I saw the stamp at the bottom, I googlized it: it is a treasure miraculously saved during the sinking of a ship in 1882. And I took it just because I liked its color. “

3. “This € 5 Roy Lichtenstein serigraph was found at the flea market. The best spent 5 euros of my life.”

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