14 Singers Who Have Appeared In Famous TV Series

The world of music and comedy attract each other. So much so that it happens that certain singers occasionally put themselves in the shoes of actors and that actors record a song or form a music group. Most of them are passionate about both and juggle between the two universes with the greatest naturalness: yes, the muses of musicians and actors get along rather well.


At Boredmojo , we have developed a list of musicians or singers who have been tempted by comedy and who have participated in television series.



1. Prince – New Girl

14 Singers Who Have Appeared In Famous TV Series

Prince is considered by many to be one of the greatest geniuses of contemporary music. Although he was reluctant to participate in television programs, unlike other artists, in 2014 he agreed to act in an episode of the New Girl series entitled “Prince”, in which he interpreted his own role. Originally, the Kardashian sisters were also to be there, but it seems that the singer opposed their coming on the set.

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