14 Harry Potter Actors Before And After Surprising Photos

If you were asked how much time has passed since the Harry Potter saga started in the cinema, you would surely say: “not that long! ” And yet … It’s crazy, but the first film in the saga of JK Rowling was screened for the first time fifteen years ago. In our memory, most of the actors are still nice little children who train with their magic wands in an old haunted castle, but in reality these actors have grown up and experienced impressive transformations.



Boredmojo wants to show you what they have become, how they have changed to become men and women, big stars, fashion icons, and even underwear models!



If everyone knows the fate of the beautiful Emma Watson, who has become a great actress, beautiful and multi-card, who is aware of what has become of the Weasley twins? Or Severus Snape? Or what happened to the shy Indian girls who accompanied Harry Potter to the prom? Take a look at these incredible images that show that time goes by for them too.



Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton)

14 Harry Potter Actors Before And After Surprising Photos

After his unforgettable role in the saga, Tom Felton continued his career as an actor, and he even won several international awards.


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