13 photos taken a few seconds before the disaster!

They almost fell, but not yet! In the genre of falls that hurt a lot, these photos are taken each time a few seconds before the drama. It makes you laugh, it makes you wince, but you can’t help but watch them all!


A pretty smile, a look at the objective, controlled gestures … It all seems very smooth compared to those people who had this brilliant idea:  take the photo to a hundredth of a second before  the disaster!

A dromedary, a pizza and a bicycle

The risk when taking a photo? For many of us the drama comes down to making a face or not really being to our advantage . For these people, disaster is not avoided it is immortalized! It is therefore logical that a selfie with a dromedary turns to the photo “crime scene” with start of bite in support or this beautiful and smoking pizza just out of the oven and which ends its short life on the ground from the kitchen.

Masters in the art of dramatic photography

A real gift, taking photographs a few hundredths of a second before the disaster should have the right to its category, certainly very special,  in the prestigious World Press Photo competition , without a doubt! 

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