12 tips to turn your bathroom into the coolest room in the house.

Bored Yawn believes that the decoration of all the rooms of a house deserves to be looked after, including – above all! – the bathroom. So we’ve put together some tips for you that don’t require a lot of space or big investments. They are simple, tasteful and they will transform your bathroom from floor to ceiling to make it a stylish and functional place to relax.

1. A carpet made of real stones. It’s very easy to make yourself, the instructions are here.



2.Pretty baskets can be used as shelves and you can fix them to the wall in different ways: with nails, screws, glue …

3.Install a second curtain rod in the shower but use it to hang all those little things you want to have on hand.

4.You will be surprised how good the small spice racks look in the bathroom.

5.To store small items, you can use glass jars hanging from a wooden board.

6.The ultimate and super practical solution for storing your clips and hair clips is to hang them on a magnetic adhesive strip.

7.If you can’t make holes in the walls, here is a nice option to hang your towels: you can put them on a nice decoration ladder.



8.Pour all your (many) products in identical bottles with their respective labels. Your bathroom will look neat, with a refined decoration. 

9.You can make the mirror a real decorative element by mounting it with cords, small chains or other accessories of your choice.

10.The simple act of painting the frame of the mirror will change the look and the dynamics of your bathroom.



11.A simple wooden board can be used as a shelf to put a small glass of wine and your favorite book while you lounge in a good hot bath.

12.Put some plants in your bathroom, it will give it a touch of freshness and help to renew the air in the room.

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