12 Simple Tips To Eat Better And Lose A Waist

1. Drink healthy
Who Says Eating Healthy, Also Says Drinking Healthy!
Because there’s no point in eating the right foods if you don’t eat the right drinks.
It is estimated that people swallow an additional 200 calories per day from their drinks alone (hello? Sodas ?!). So we get used to drinking water, herbal teas, tea, coffee without sugar, and we forget the sodas, yes, even with false sugar which will only have the effect of preserving your unreasonable taste for the sugar.


2. Eat Variety
Diets are repetitive and lead straight down the road to boredom? So the key is variety.
Be curious, vary the pleasures, the foods, the colors. Corinne Peirano, dietician-nutritionist *, insists on the importance of a varied diet: “[…] color your plate with fruits and vegetables which are excellent anti-oxidants, consume” good fats, seeds and oilseeds such as almonds for example, whole grains. “
* in an interview with Districlubmedical.com magazine


3. Maintain physical activity
An active lifestyle is essential for health (and not just for the heart). The World Health Organization recommends walking at least 6,000 steps per day in a dynamic manner, in particular to regulate the level of sugar in the blood.
If you have a job where you mostly sit, then discipline yourself: 15 min of exercise in the morning, get up and go for a walk every 2 hours during the day, walk before you come home, or go walk the dog, and practice a sport ideally twice a week.

12 Simple Tips To Eat Better And Lose A Waist


4. Starving yourself doesn’t work!
The worst ? Skipping meals, eating salads, imagining that fasting is a slimming solution …
Professor Zermati insists on one fact: skipping a meal when you are all the same hungry, induce that at the next meal, you throw yourself on your plate, without realizing your satiety. We eat quickly, the more, the body stores what it has been wrongly deprived of by reaction.
British nutritionist Emma Wight-Boycott also states: “Skipping meals is disastrous for weight loss! This causes an imbalance of sugar in the blood, which promotes craving for sugar or carbohydrates in the next 2 hours. Plus, it causes the body to draw its energy from muscle stores, not fat. “


5. Eat regularly
It is therefore necessary to ensure to provide sufficient energy to the body, without sinking into excess (do not go to throw yourself on your Nutella jar under this fallacious pretext!).
And more than burning your calories with intense sports sessions, it will above all be a question of eating properly, of course, but also regularly to promote balance.
So green light for a snack break that contains proteins (very satiating and essential for muscle mass). You can definitely eat a hard-boiled egg, or a handful of oilseeds.


6. You are what you eat
Keep in the back of your mind that whatever you eat will eventually show up. Are you eating healthy? You will look good, look better, and feel better in your sneakers.
Can’t do without cheese, soda, sweets? Think about the repercussions to assess if it’s really worth it …

12 Simple Tips To Eat Better And Lose A Waist

7. Saying stop to the yoyo effect
We know that when we want to lose weight, it’s always the same thing: we make efforts then we crack, and bim! Here we go again for new efforts etc. etc.
Studies show that the people who lose weight the most sustainably are those who have been successful in adopting healthy diets by starting with small changes. So instead of giving up chocolate altogether, make sure you don’t overdo other things so that you can preserve that little treat. Also learn to limit yourself to a few squares of dark chocolate rather than devouring a bar of super sweet milk chocolate.



8. Take your time
Professor Zermati really insists on this: by taking the time to eat, calmly, seated and without being distracted by a third activity, you promote awareness of your satiety. It also involves eating relatively slowly (and taking the time to chew, which is extremely beneficial for good digestion), in order to give the body time to understand when it is no longer hungry.
It is estimated that before twenty minutes, it is not possible to capture your level of satiety, so you swallow anything more easily.



9. Mollo on the white!
Adopt an amazing rule, avoid as much as possible white or light beige foods. Namely: white bread, whole rice, yeasts, pastries, pasta … – except for white meat. White foods tend to be high in refined carbohydrates.
The baguette, for example, displays 57.4% carbohydrates when wholemeal bread only contains 49.4%. So switch to wholegrain bread and pasta or brown rice because they contain fiber, which is digested more slowly, and therefore carbohydrates pass less quickly into the blood (therefore do not cause blood sugar spikes which promote cravings).

For more information, see foods that contain fiber :

12 Simple Tips To Eat Better And Lose A Waist

10. Getting into the Running
Running is one of those sports that promotes weight loss, even if you run slowly. How about signing up for a race to motivate yourself?

11. Stop the cigarette!
Yes, this is common sense but it bears repeating that while tobacco acts as an appetite suppressant and nicotine as a metabolism booster, this is no excuse. The effects of cigarettes mask bad eating habits and kill effectively (because it is not exclusively the lungs that suffer).
Moreover, smoking and unhealthy eating are both linked to emotional triggers, so it would be really beneficial to act on these two levers.


12. Swap sweets for oilseeds
We all know that nuts, almonds, pistachios … make a great healthy snack. So pistachio producers say that 37 pistachios (unsalted) have less than 100 calories! Additionally, nuts like almonds are high in fiber, which promotes satiety between meals.

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