12 easy and super quick hairstyles to be at the top of the top

“There is no longer any excuse for looking neglected. There are no ugly women, there are only women who are not interested in themselves.”

No time, no desire to make life too complicated, no desire to mistreat your hair every day …  Bored Mojo  has the solution for you. We are showing you today a series of hairstyles that you can do quickly, and that will no longer make you look out of bed – even if it is almost the case!

These hairstyles are not going to take you more than five minutes. You can even do some of them in the metro when you leave your house.

1. The braided bun 

Divide your hair in half, tie these two strands as if they were the laces of your shoes. Then roll up the bun you made with the locks, crossing them. Attach them with invisible black clips, or with pins, and voila.



2. Fringe with volume and small  knots

If you have short hair, this hairstyle will look great on you. Take your fringe and make it into a kind of domed hull; fasten with pins. Then take several wicks that you roll on themselves and tie from behind, and voila. You can use pins of colors, or black to make it more sober.

3. Braided crown 

Make a braid with a wick behind your bangs. Pass the part of the braid that remains behind your head as if you were surrounding it, giving the illusion of a crown. Take a wick from the other side of your head and take it behind, trying to unite the end of the braid with this last wick.

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