11 Things Happy Couples Do Before Sleeping

You can’t spend all day with each other: there’s work, kids, activities, and friends. But the time before bed is sacred. An hour or a few minutes, it doesn’t matter, if you are alone with your boyfriend, spend that time enjoying his company, talking to him or expressing your love.

What is the best thing to do before falling asleep to get a deep sleep and make tomorrow a happy day?

Boredmojo has put together a list of simple but effective psychological advice. And a special bonus awaits you at the end.



11. Switch phones off and put them in silent mode

11 Things Happy Couples Do Before Sleeping

If you’re both in the same room, but your hands are busy on your phones or other devices, it’s like you’re in different rooms. Addiction to social networks suppresses the production of oxytocin , which is responsible for emotional intimacy and tenderness. Psychotherapist Carol Carey advises families to follow a simple rule: From 9 p.m. , cell phones should be turned off or kept away from bed.



10. Forget about work

11 Things Happy Couples Do Before Sleeping

Often, due to a busy schedule and a large amount of work, one cannot relax or think about anything other than work, even when it is time to sleep. Forget about work, don’t check your emails when you’re in bed , instead devote that time to your relationship.



9. Both go to bed at the same time

11 Things Happy Couples Do Before Sleeping

Very often, the couple is separated throughout the day and night, each going to bed at different times. This rhythm of life leaves no possibility of spending a little time together. Happy couples, according to psychologist Curt Smith, are those who brush their teeth together and  go to bed at the same time . They thus maintain their intimacy and the quality of their relationship .



8. Don’t change the routine

11 Things Happy Couples Do Before Sleeping

Every day, before going to bed, you should do the same thing: it is a good habit to have a restful sleep. Cleaning your face, brushing your teeth, getting your clothes ready for the next day, putting lunch in the fridge, this whole series of daily actions will tell the body that it’s time to go to sleep. And when we do it together, there is a lot more trust and intimacy in your relationship.



7. Talk face to face

11 Things Happy Couples Do Before Sleeping
  • Remember to dedicate some time for feelings for each other before going to bed. “Don’t try to give advice right away or find a solution to the problem,” says Carol Carey. Sometimes all that matters is to be able to express yourself, to feel supported by the loved one and that they listen to us.
  • Psychologist Ryan Howes suggests dedicating a few minutes to words of thanks before going to bed: the happy times you experienced today, or the qualities you appreciate so much in your sweetheart. These feelings have a positive effect on the state of mind and behavior in general, they also help to end the day positively.
  • Forget everything that happened to you during the day, put all your worries and problems aside, and  just tell your boyfriend how much you love him . The most important thing is that when you express your feelings, you are not whispering and looking at the wall, but doing so in a serious and sincere way.

6. Do not argue or have controversial conversations

11 Things Happy Couples Do Before Sleeping

Curt Smith repeats: don’t try to argue before going to bed . Controversies and scandals will not help solve the problem. All you’ll gain is a restless, sleepless night, and a totally wasted tomorrow.

5. Do not allow children to come into bed

11 Things Happy Couples Do Before Sleeping

Sometimes kids want to spend the rest of the night in their parents’ bed after having a nightmare. But in other cases, it is better not to let them come into the bedroom: it must remain a private space, according to psychologist Michael Viner-Davis. To maintain privacy, there must be a territory where the couple can be alone .



4. Do not share the bed with animals

11 Things Happy Couples Do Before Sleeping
The University of Kansas recently conducted a survey that found  63% of people who sleep with their pets either don’t get good sleep or don’t get enough sleep . The animal is by nature anxious: it is not in its nature to sleep quietly all night. Therefore, his restless sleep affects you too. Plus, a third party pops up between you and breaks the rule: the bedroom is only for the two of you .

3. Do not drink alcohol or smoke

11 Things Happy Couples Do Before Sleeping

Many couples like to have a glass of wine before going to bed, to create a romantic mood . But when the body ingests alcohol, the recovery period from sleep is reduced, and  you wake up tired, distracted and irritable . And those negative emotions that appear due to lack of sleep are then passed on to your partner. Alcohol can also promote snoring, and the nicotine in cigarettes causes insomnia . It will make you nervous and you will have a bad night.



2. Give your partner a massage

11 Things Happy Couples Do Before Sleeping

Experts from the National Sleep Foundation in the United States say that a light relaxing massage before bed improves the quality of sleep, reduces anxiety and  helps bring couples together .



1. Don’t forget about kisses and hugs

11 Things Happy Couples Do Before Sleeping

Don’t forget to kiss your sweetheart before you go to sleep, and spend a few minutes together and in each other’s arms . It relaxes and causes positive emotions. Psychologists explain that if you fall asleep in each other’s arms, the relationship is healthy and peaceful.

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