11 effective tips to tame dry hair.

Is your hair dry, brittle, dull? This is often due to a lack of sebum but can also result from our bad habits. To remedy this, here are some good reflexes to have to take care of dry hair.

Why is the hair dry?

Dry hair is a phenomenon of genetic origin: sebum, the role of which is to hydrate the scalp, does little or nothing to fulfill its function. But it can also be caused by external aggression (sun, wind, sea and swimming pool water, pollution …), by bad beauty habits (too tight elastic bands, too energetic and frequent brushing, too hot drying), or by the use of unsuitable products (overly detergent shampoos). Result: when you suffer from this hair problem, the hair loses its elasticity, becomes dull and brittle, fork more easily, irritation and itching are more important.

Fortunately, to take care of damaged and dry hair (whether curly, frizzy or smooth), there are various solutions. Nourishing homemade hair mask, good reflexes to adopt so as not to attack them anymore, moisturizing hair care, healthier food … we give you our 11 tips so that you find a dream mane!

How to treat hair lacking hydration.

1. The base consists in using a soft and nourishing shampoo special for damaged and / or dry hair, a product rich in nutritive active ingredients such as ceramides (which tighten the scales), oils or essential fatty acids. However, avoid washing your hair too often so as not to weaken it further.

2. In addition to doing your shampoo well, it is good to complete your hair routine with the application of a detangling conditioner , which will facilitate styling while providing some nutrition to your damaged and dry hair. Choose a product adapted to your hair type(curly, curly or frizzy hair, fine dry hair, colored hair) for optimal action. Leave on for a few minutes before rinsing.

3. Once a week, after shampooing, apply a mask to damp hair to deeply nourish it. Our favorite ? The Extraordinary Coconut Oil mask from Elseve . It smells of the tropics with its formula enriched with fine coconut oil. This mask with a melting texture will bring all the necessary care to your hair which will find suppleness and softness.

4. Before drying, complete your hair routine with an oil to nourish and protect. Our advice for sublimated hair: The Revitalizing Dry Points Serum by  Secourable . Enriched with 3 vegetable oils (argan oil, coconut oil and organic castor oil), it nourishes the fiber and dry ends, then returns its shine to dull hair. Every morning and every evening, we also think about using this little
wonder. We heat between our hands 2/3 drops of serum, then we style our hair with the fingertips!

5. After the washing step, pre-dry your wet hair with a terry towel, which removes the overflow of water. Then proceed to a light drying with the hair dryer, 15 cm from the hair and never more than 15 seconds in the same place.

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