11 Celebrities who Have Twins (and for some, We Had No Idea)

For many people, discovering that they are going to have a child is the greatest happiness there is, but if you learn later that instead of one, two babies are born, it becomes a double challenge : twice the time, love, care and attention. For famous parents, it is often even more complicated, because, in addition to taking care of the little ones, they must also respect their professional commitments in the spotlight.

Boredmojo wants to present a selection of 11 famous parents who have twins and who are very proud of them!



1. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez twins

Max and Emme are twelve years old and are the fruit of the relationship between the singers Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. The children proved that they did inherit the talent of their famous parents. Indeed, in addition to her beautiful voice, Emme plays the ukulele and is passionate about fashion and design. His brother is less exposed to the public, but he too has a magnificent voice and excelled in his performances at school. Their very proud mother regularly posts photos and videos of her adored children on her social networks.


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