10 Uses For Old Egg Cartons At Home.

6. Nail polish sorter

If you have too many nail polishes to store in your bathroom cabinet, use this nifty solution. Place your nail polishes inside of an egg carton to prevent spillage from making a mess. For a clean aesthetic look, organize your polishes by color.

7. Office supplies organizer

Lost your favorite office organizer? No problem. Keep your tacks, paper clips, and other items in an egg carton to keep these items from spilling out into your desk.

8. Ornament storage

Love the holidays? Store Christmas ornaments in an egg carton so they don’t break. A broken ornament could be one way the Grinch Stole Christmas.

9. Paint tray

Channeling your inner Bob Ross? Good for you, art is a wonderful form of expression. Pour paint colors into an egg carton to make a mess-free and disposable paint tray. No need for an expensive art palette if you are looking to channel a budget-friendly Bob Ross.

10. Refrigerator organization

Just because an egg carton is empty does not mean it has to leave the refrigerator. Place an empty egg carton inside your refrigerator and use it to sort items like mustard bottles to prevent them from leaking into your fridge. Eggs truly belong in the fridge.

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