10 Uses For Old Egg Cartons At Home.

Eggs are one of the most common breakfast foods around the world. You can make omelettes, scrambled eggs, or sunny side up. Oh the possibilities! But the variety in egg creations are not the only thing that makes eggs great. Eggs come with many nutritional benefits, such as helping you lose weight!

Not bad for a budget friendly food, wouldn’t you agree? (But remember, eat only 2-3 eggs a day to prevent consuming too much cholesterol.)

But what do you do when you run out of eggs? Do you just take the empty egg carton and recycle it?

If you do, you are doing yourself a disservice. There are plenty of uses for egg cartons! Don’t believe me? Check out this slideshow for 10 creative ways to repurpose your old egg cartons.

1. Arts and crafts

Isn’t that just the cutest ladybug craft you ever saw? That’s just one of the many arts and crafts projects that you can make with egg cartons. 

2. Bird feeder

Are you a bird lover? Or do you want to decorate your garden with some flying friends? Fill an egg carton with bird seed and use some rope or twine to hang your DIY bird feeder from a tree.

3. Hardware organization

If you do a lot of work around the house, or you known someone who does, check out this great tip. Never lose another nut or bolt again by placing these little bits and pieces inside of an egg carton. The days of misplacing a small screw are over.

4. Jewelry organizer

Likewise, it can be easy to lose jewelry pieces. Small earrings or other accessories are not something you want to lose as you’re getting ready for a night out. Keep your jewelry organized by placing items inside of an egg carton.

5. Laptop stand

If you work on your laptop a lot, you might find that your back hurts from slouching over to work on your laptop. Correct this issue by using egg cartons to boost up your laptop. Forget expensive laptop stands – this budget-friendly alternative works just fine.


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