10 tips to adopt everyday for a flat stomach.

1.Breathe better.


Or rather breathe out better, so by tucking in the belly and not by pushing it forward. An effective way to build muscle, provided you pay regular attention to your breathing. When we start an exercise, we exhale first, stretching the distance between the neck and the perineum, which prompts us to straighten up.

2.Tame the vegetables.


They are rich in insoluble fibers which are sometimes difficult to assimilate, which can encourage them to reduce their consumption. However, they provide a wealth of minerals and vitamins. Their fibers have the capacity to accelerate the transit and the elimination of toxins. To tame vegetables gently, prepare mixed soups (not overcooked), juices (the centrifuge eliminates the fibers), and think of lacto-fermented vegetables (sauerkraut), rich in enzymes and bacteria friendly to the intestines. As for grated carrots or beets, macerating them a few hours in advance in the vinaigrette will make them more digestible.

3.Learn to gain.


The sheathing exercises strengthen the deep abdominal muscles, guaranteeing the tone of the back and flat stomach. Small exercise: hold 20 to 25 seconds, lying down, the immobile body parallel to the ground without digging the back, resting on the elbows and heels, legs stretched out, slightly apart.

4.Infuse the seeds.

Pour in equal parts, in a jar, fennel, coriander and cumin seeds. Shake well. Throw a teaspoon of the mixture in a cup of boiling water, filter after 10 min of infusion. Otherwise, use cumin alone. Green anise and caraway can be prepared in the same way. All these seeds, which belong to the same family of apiaceae, are reputed to fight bloating and facilitate digestion.

5.Massage your belly.

By regularly massaging your little beads with a moisturizer, you digest better, dislodge the fat and firm the skin! 


As soon as you can, anytime, anywhere! Objective: 1000 steps per day! 


And yes, when you sleep, you influence your weight because sleep influences the hormones that manage appetite! 


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