Love relationships are often at the center of life in general, whether serious, short, long, happy, or unhappy. When experienced from a distance, they can become even more complicated and intense, and for good reason: they lead, for the most part, to important life choices. Very often, they are made of compromise (where to live, how to be reunited, one of the lovers will have to leave his post or his country for the other), or perhaps a fear of failure increased tenfold because of all of these. These choices, although they may be good, are often not taken lightly.

Writing about long-distance relationships may seem cliche or too personal, but it is so common for those who adopt an international lifestyle that it seemed important to me to talk about it on this blog. I also listed in another article, still in the hope of providing support to those in this situation, 5 things to avoid in long-distance relationships, which do not represent absolute truths, but which would have helped me in the past (I lived a long-distance relationship, which I talk about in my travel stories, especially in the text entitled ” Parallel dimension”). Even if each story is unique, there are, I think, certain “constants”.


Aside from a few people with exceptional detachment, being in a long-distance relationship often gives the impression of being a marathon runner, sometimes exhausted and whose victory depends largely on his mental strength, his ability to hold on – literally and without a bad pun – distance, both physical and temporal. Just as the runner counts the meters to the finish line, the long-distance lover counts the days, weeks, or months that separate him from his partner, and must most often self-motivated so as not to give up… I hope this will make you feel less alone in the painful moments that sometimes constitute a long-distance relationship, or that it will help you anticipate the situation if you are about to start one. Welcome to the club!

Distance relationships are often…

Emotions like a roller coaster

The impression of being slightly schizophrenic could sometimes challenge you. Nothing too serious, it’s part of the experience: having the impression of being in a jar, brooding over your thoughts, changing your mind like a shirt concerning the merits of this relationship, then the minute that follows feeling euphoric, full of love and hope for the one you miss. Kind of like your nerves is going through all the colors of the rainbow.

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