10 natural ways to eliminate ants and other pests in your home that won’t hurt you.

There’s nothing worse than looking around your home only to find evidence of pests. It fills you with dread immediately. Battling bugs inside your house can be a real pain. What’s more, if you have small children or pets, you’d have to be careful about setting out insect traps since they contain harmful chemicals if ingested.

Thankfully, there are plenty of natural ways to get rid of a bug infestation. These include using natural ingredients that kill them from sealing up entry points. There are dozens of options for tackling pests simply by using the contents of your pantry.

The good news — even if you don’t have success with natural remedies, you can opt for commercial insect traps and baits that don’t cause harm to humans or animals. But it’s always best to take the natural route first. You may discover it’s all you need.

So, the next time you see a little black line marching across your kitchen counter top — or a cockroach skittering across your floor — don’t despair. Just grab a couple of lemons and a bottle of dish soap and get ready to fight the good fight. Here are 10 natural ways to eliminate pests without putting family members or pets at risk.

1. Repel dust mites

To get rid of dust mites, mix water with a strongly-scented essential oil like peppermint, eucalyptus, or rosemary. Spray liberally. Just be careful if you have pets or children, as these oils can be toxic to them.

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