10+ DIY Ideas For Making Original Ice Cubes

Original Ice Cube Ideas

Play with these to make them as beautiful as they are good. They will eventually melt and thus color and flavor your aperitif. Your ice cube tray will become your favorite kitchen utensil.

To make  original ice cubes  you can: 

  • Decorate them with whole berries, zest or fruit wedges.
  • Decorate them with edible flowers and aromatic plants such as sage, mint, rosemary or lavender.
  • Replace ice water with another drink such as fruit juice, tea or alcohol. Its taste will slowly spread in your cocktail and will flavor it. For example, make ice cubes based on lemon juice to refresh your Mojito.
  • Make ice cubes with chocolate, ice cream, coffee or even yogurt to make your milk drinks even more delicious

Our tip for successful original ice cubes

To make these ice cubes , you just need to place flowers or pieces of fruit in the compartments of your ice cube tray. Cover them with water or the drink of your choice before putting the tray in the freezer for a few hours and then finally unmold them. The result will not leave your guests frozen. Our tip: prefer demineralized water to tap water. It is the secret to obtaining very transparent ice cubes.

Here are more than  10 ideas for making original ice cubes  that will surely have a little effect with your guests. 

1.Flowery Ice Cubes

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