10 Films Prohibited For Sensitive People

Some films are capable of moving the audience deep down and making more than one cry, no matter their age, genre or culture. At Boredyawn we know that everyone has their personal list of these moving works. But we plan to present you our selection of 10 dramatic films that will bring you to tears (almost) for sure. 

Some are historical, others rather humorous, there are true stories and also animated films. We have chosen incredible stories of love, friendship, generosity and self-transcendence, as well as family sagas. If you are missing some on the clock, it’s time to update yourself with a little face to face with your sensitivity.



On the road to Madison

10 Films prohibited for sensitive people

This film tells the story of a fleeting and passionate love between Francesca, a housewife imprisoned in a monotonous life in Iowa, and Robert, a photographer and traveler, passing by to immortalize the bridges of Madison. The plot of this film, directed and played by Clint Eastwood, takes place in just four days, enough time to leave an indelible mark in the lives of the two lovers. On the road to Madison has become a romantic classic that will make you take out your handkerchiefs.




10 Films prohibited for sensitive people
Even the most jaded spectator will have to arm himself with a good bundle of handkerchiefs to see this pretty film. Based on real events, Hatchi tells one of the most moving stories in cinema. A bond of love and loyalty unites a dog to its owner. For several years, they have been inseparable. Hatchi waits every day for his master’s return to the station. Until a tragedy that will change his life forever, but not his love and dedication. If you not only love cinema, but also have a weakness for dogs, this film will reach you deep in your soul.

Our opposite stars

10 Films prohibited for sensitive people

Adapted from John Green’s best seller, this film talks about love, the fight against cancer, youth, family and pain. Hazel, a skeptical and realistic young girl, has been fighting cancer since a young child. Her parents, models of patience and love, have devoted her all her life with dedication. But Hazel’s cancer spreads through her body, and as it reaches the lungs, she is recommended to attend a support group for young people who are going through the same situation as her. At first reluctant, she ends up going to a meeting to please her parents. There, she meets Gus, an exceptional and optimistic being who will become the love of her life and change her destiny and her way of seeing the world. If you’re ready to dry your tears one, two, or three times,


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