10 Easy-To-Make Mistakes Using A Crock Pot

Admit it or not, everyone wants a go in the kitchen. Cooking is a fantastic skill to have, not to mention it adds to a person’s charisma. In the golden age of technology, it’s so easy to learn and one does not need to start making fancy meals like a top chef. Start simple. Like slow cooker meals! They’re easier to do and quite delicious. And if you’re wondering about the dont’s, then here you go.

1.) Taking a Peek

So you’re excited and curious. We get it. But the slow cooker wants you to resist peeking. Why? It took all that time to cook your meal and opening the lid to peek CAN actually add thirty more minutes to your cooking time. Fight the urge brought about by the smell and colors. Like the great Jedi Masters say, Patience, young padawan.

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