10 easy tips for beautiful skin.

With all the external aggressions such as pollution and the sun or simply with the stress of everyday life, our skin is not always as beautiful as we would like. The application of a simple day cream cannot assure you an impeccable skin texture. So how do you regain a flawless complexion? Here are 10 tips and tricks to have an extraordinary shine.

Choose a suitable routine

To fight daily against imperfections, it is important and even essential to adapt your beauty routine to your skin type and your problems. The first thing to determine is therefore whether you have combination , oily , or dry skin We then focus on the details that we want to correct: wrinkles, acne pimples, sun spots … We then choose its cleansing product, its serum and its cream accordingly.

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Face massage.

Keeping an epidermis in good health amounts to bringing it more tone. The effective technique to relax the features, prevent wrinkles and brighten the complexion? Self-massage of the face. When applying our cream each morning, we use our thumbs to create skin movements from the inside to the outside of the cheekbones. At the forehead and cheeks, light pressure is applied like small pinches to stimulate micro-circulation.

Our advice / good address: Give yourself a moment of well-being around an ultra-efficient facial massage technique: ko bi do. Available in hundreds of institutes including those of the Five Worlds.

Leave no area

The skin does not age in the same way on all areas of the face. The eye area, the neck or the Cupid’s arch (between the nose and the mouth) have a thinner skin than elsewhere which therefore requires more attention. Be careful, you should not put more cream in this place but a different and specific product for the area.

Our advice / good address: Use a massage accessory to apply your products to these sensitive areas: an electric tool or a very trendy jade stone among beautists today.

Think about the scrub.


To restore radiance to the skin, exfoliation is essential. It eliminates dead cells and allows the dermis to regenerate in beauty. This “beautiful skin” gesture, to be adopted once or twice a week, must be adapted to its skin type and its problems. However, just like its body version, it is recommended for everyone!

Our advice / good address: treat yourself to a facial peel at an institute or at an aesthetic doctor. The process similar to that of the deeper exfoliation allows the skin to literally regain a second youth. If you have no problem with acne or scars, prefer a gentle intensity more suited to your needs.

Adapt your diet

The impact of food on the skin is no longer to be proven. But between the repeated snapshots between friends and the advice given by the grandmothers, we no longer know where to turn. The first advice to follow is simple: drink plenty of water (and reduce your alcohol consumption as much as possible). On the fridge side, eat raw vegetables without moderation because they contain the essential combination of vitamins and fibers.

Our advice / good address: in summer, we boost our consumption of foods rich in beta carotenes such as apricot, melon or even red peppers. They will help maintain the radiance of our skin and will even enhance our tan.


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