10 DIY Entrance Mats To Always Make a Good First Impression

To give a little punch to your entry, paint vibrantly colored triangles on your solid doormat.A little painter’s tape and acrylic paint are the only items you need to make it. The vibrant colors will put you in a good mood every time you return home!

Do you feel like making a good impression before your guests even knock on your door? The mats , these small dense mats and coarse, may have other functions as removing mud in our shoes.Indeed, by investing a little money and using our creativity, these rugs can become the star of your entry!

Ready to give your little doormat a facelift to charm your guests? Here are 10 DIY entrance mats to always make a good first impression!

1. Hi!

Welcome your guests before they even press the doorbell! To complete this project, get a simple plain doormat and create a stencil of the letters “HI.” By cutting them out with a chisel.

Affix the stencil to your carpet using sewing pins, just to keep it in place, and spray spray paint on your stencil.

A little tip: Cover the rest of the carpet with newspaper to avoid paint overflows.

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