10 DIY Decor Projects Perfect For Quarantine!

The effects of social distancing are being felt quietly and you feel more and more the need to express yourself, to create or simply to change your ideas? As you probably already know, creating can have a very positive impact on your mood while helping you lower your stress level and allowing you to carry out concrete projects.

With everything going on right now, would you like to put your time to good use and spend a little less time on social networks? Here are 10 easy DIY projects that will allow you to take advantage of your time in quarantine!

1. Fridge Magnets

Light up your kitchen with these cute (and oh so easy to make) little magnets for your fridge. As you will no doubt have noticed, the little rainbows also make a nod to the famous saying “ it’s going to be fine ” and in all honesty, we will never have too many positive messages in its environment. We particularly like the warm colors that were used to make these magnets, right in the decor trends of the season!

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