10 breakfast reflexes that make you fat.

We usually say that breakfast does not make you fat. It is not completely accurate, it all depends on what you consume.

Butter the bread too generously.

Lipids are essential for a balanced diet, even if their excess consumption can cause overweight problems. Butter is therefore good for health but in small doses, no more than 10 g per day. 

Eat white bread.

The classic baguette lacks minerals and fiber, it is an intake of empty calories (which do not provide you with essential nutrients, just calories) and fast sugars. While wholemeal bread gives energy in the long run, lots of minerals and fiber. 

Opt for sandwich bread.

Sliced ​​bread is rich in carbohydrates. In addition to the fact that it makes you fat (more caloric than conventional bread), it has a high glycemic index which causes peaks of insulin, conducive to cravings a few hours later after having eaten them.

Do not deprive yourself.

The adage “you must eat like a king in the morning” is correct but partially. If you eat in excess, even at breakfast, weight gain will be there. It is therefore necessary to watch over the quantities (no more than two sandwiches for example) and eat according to his age, gender and activity.


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