10 animals that gave their masters a good reason to get up every morning

The studies have shown that animals make us happier and even healthier . No matter what their personality, they always manage to get us out of bed – and they even make this moment exciting! Whether you have an animal or not, you and everyone else deserve to take a moment to watch our compilation of photos of these adorable furballs.

Bored Yawn cracked on the protagonists of these photos which radiate happiness, love and tenderness. You will crack, too!

1. “My puppy has a” Joy “button and it’s his little nose”


2. “Come on, a serious photo and a photo where you make the andouille!”



3. “Say hello to Franco. He stole my girlfriend but I can’t really blame him”



4. “I like to put hats on the head of my grandparents’ dog, and she loves to wear them”


5. “When my partner wants to discuss his end-of-year bonus”



6. “Our 11 year old cat that we adopted and our 13 year old daughter who has just returned from a month of summer camp”



7. “I woke up to discover that my boyfriend and our dog had fallen asleep like this”


8. “When I work from home”


9. “The shelter was getting rid of some of its animals and I needed a companion. This is my new dog, Vader!”



10. “The neighbors above were so noisy that we were afraid together”

11. “Here is a very happy boy who is sunbathing”


12. “My dog, Ghost, is very suspicious and wonders what I do at home on a working day”



13. “Here’s a photo of my incredibly relaxed cat, Zac”


14. “Thoughts and prayers for Miles – I should have given him his meal 3 minutes ago”


15. “A typical case of a boyfriend who was” not very cat “- it was his first day with our cat”


16. “Louis always falls asleep while he watches the fish …”


17. “The lord of this house is happy that I stay here and serve him all day”


18. “Today, I adopted two kittens. I wanted only one at the start, but I was asked if I wanted to adopt the brother because those who were to adopt him had changed”


19. “She slapped the phone that I was holding in my hand at exactly the same time. A 10/10, my big one!”




20. “I love how my Pilsner cat looks at me. We are the best friends in the world”


Tell us what was your favorite moment with an animal, even if it was not yours! Do you have a small animal that makes your days brighter? Send us a photo and tell us about it in the comments!

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